Body Muscle Gain

Building Muscles or bodybuilding as it is sometimes referred to, can be both a sport and a way to become more healthy and more attractive. Building muscle and improving one’s physic require regular work but does not need to be hard. Some of the products that you see on TV that promise you perfect pecks, a washboard stomach and an ass of steel spending five minutes a day in front of the TV might promise too much but the fact is that 30 min 3 times a week can be enough to improve your physic and spending 30 minutes a day can give dramatic effect. It is important to not train too hard when you first get started. If you do you risk injury. You need to gradually increase the level of strain you put on your body to give it time to adjust to your new more active life.

muscle gain

Building muscle can be reduce to two different factors:

  • Providing the body an excess of nutrients. The body need nutrients, especially protein to build muscles. The body will not be able to build muscle well if you do not provide it with enough nutrients. This makes it hard to build muscle at the same time you are dieting. Eat a diet with a lot of protein and a bit more calories than you really when you want to build muscles. If you gain some unwanted weight that are not muscle you can diet to lose that later. Your new muscles will make this easier since muscle consumes 54.4 kJ/kg (13.0 kcal/kg) per day while fat cells only use 18.8 kJ/kg (4.5 kcal/kg) and bone only 9.6 kJ/kg (2.3 kcal/kg)
  • Subjecting the muscles to strain/ training. During training the training will cause damage to muscle fibers. The body will repair the damage to the fibers and strengthen the muscle to avoid that damage like that happens in the future. This makes the muscle grow and you to become stronger. Be continuously working the muscle harder and hard with heavier and heavier weights you can make this an ingoing process and build more and more muscle. It is important to work the muscles in the right way to not cause injury. Learn how to correctly do different training movements before you do them.

What is said above is of course simplified but have hopefully given you a basic understanding of how to build muscles. By browsing our site you will be able to learn more about how to build muscle quickly and how to strengthen certain muscle areas to get those guns or those washboard abs you always wanted. Remember, although it is not possible to point burn fat it is very possible to strengthen certain targeted muscle areas or individual muscles. If you want to target a particular muscle more than the rest of your physic it is important to know that most muscles work in pairs with other muscles. If you as an example want to build your pecks it is important that you work on your upper back and shoulders as well to keep your body balanced. If you do not the strengthen pecks might pull your shoulders forward in a way that is unattractive and might cause you pain. Being unevenly trained also increase the risk of injury while training and in your everyday life, Similar if your work on your abs you should also work on you lower back and so on.